Rain or shine…the ceremony goes on!

Having rain on your wedding day is said to be a great blessing! We definitely need rain here in New Mexico. It makes our sometimes drab brown landscape green and fresh! This couple planned a sweet ceremony at the UNM Duck Pond and were blessed by the rain and some most-appreciated umbrellas! Isn’t the green beautiful? Thank you, Elias of ELucas Photography

umbrellas  duckpond

Hotel Andaluz is most well known for its dramatic lobby, but it also has some smaller rooms perfect for a more intimate ceremony. And Desert Greens Golf Course out in NW Albuquerque offers beautiful mountain views from their on-the-green location.


If you are looking for an expert officiant for your ceremony, give me, Linda, a call for a free consultation. (505) 205-3520. Or visit www.AwakenedWeddings.com and learn how I can make the start of your wedding day celebration memorable and stress-free.

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NEW Video of a Ceremony

I just posted NEW Video of aAshleyMatthandoff4homepage ceremony in the outdoor pavilion at Hotel Albuquerque. Ashley and Matt were so much fun! You can see how Sarah at Luminance Wedding Videos let their sense of fun shine through! She’s a master!

Click on the photo at the left to view the video. And visit my website to learn what other couples have said about my officiant services. AwakenedWeddings.com  Call today for a free consultation 505-205-3520 and learn how your ceremony can be meaningful, memorable, and stress-free.

You can reach Sarah at http://www.luminanceweddingfilms.com/

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Gorgeous Summer Weddings


Dramatic Ceremony Lighting at the Hyatt



Kevin’s Artistry


Dramatic Fisheye Shot










Photos worth a thousand words… Albuquerque has some astonishingly gifted photographers! I recently did a ceremony photographed by Kevin of Kevin’s Photography. Kevin did these beautiful shots at the Hyatt Downtown.  The lighting and draped canopy completely transformed the Sendero Room at the Hyatt. The ceremony was simple and sweet – with a Sand Ceremony bringing a light-hearted moment to the dramatic surroundings.

To learn more about how an Awakened Weddings ceremony can enhance your wedding vision visit AwakenedWeddings.com or call Linda for a free consultation. 505-205-3520



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2014 Wedding Season Update

Hello Everyone! My apologies for not posting recently. I’ve had some “technical” issues; and it’s been a busy wedding season as well. But now, we’re back on track. Albuquerque couples continue to astonish with creative ways to make their ceremonies unique. This year I’ve seen black lace wedding gowns, cowboy boots with short bridesmaid dresses, puzzle ceremonies to include children, and cool wayfarer sunglasses handed out to all guests at sunny venues. At a recent wedding at Casa Rondena Winery, the couple first had a Hindu wedding ceremony, complete with the sacred fire and a brilliant red and gold Indian wedding outfit for the bride. After that ceremony, and the bride changing into a white gown, I officiated at the traditional “American” ceremony. At another ceremony at the winery, the bride had a maid of honor and 3 bridesmen! The “puzzle” ceremony is a more unique way of showing how a blended family can work together. The couple had a wooden puzzle made using a photo of the new family group. During the ceremony, the couple and all their children participated in finishing the puzzle, but putting in the final pieces… and revealing the beautiful family portrait. Backyard weddings have grown in popularity this summer and couples are going all out with big white tents to create shade for the comfort of their guests. I have a new office! With the increase in same sex couples coming to New Mexico to be married, I needed an office with people available to be witnesses for out-of-state couples. With my new space, witnesses are readily available, and that makes it easy and convenient for Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia couples (so far!) to come to the Land of Enchantment and get legally married. Share the news! If you’d like to learn more about how my services can make your day memorable and meaningful, please visit www.awakenedweddings.com or call (505) 205-3520 for a consultation. Happy weddings from Linda! I

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Magic Happens…

Seeing a red cardinal is a beautiful sight! The bright red plumage and bold crest are unique in the bird world. A few days ago, a cardinal appeared unexpectedly during a rehearsal at Casa de Suenos. The bride’s grandmother was a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and the appearance of the cardinal was a heart-warming moment. The bride and grandmother were very close and the grandmother had passed away some time ago.

Even in the midst of the flurry of activity that surrounds a rehearsal or ceremony, there are special moments and events that touch the heart and bring a tear to the eye. 
Sometimes those moments come when a groom or bride are reading their hand-written vows to each other. Sometimes a bird may break into song, a butterfly may flit across the ceremony space, the sun may break through on a cloudy day, or the wind may become perfectly still.
As an officiant, I’ll often sense the shift in the energy of a ceremony when a particularly poignant moment arises. If appropriate, I may remark upon the event so that everyone can appreciate it. Or I may let it pass and share it with the couple after the ceremony.
By the way, I always carry kleenex in my book, so that a tear can be quietly wiped away during the ceremony.
Unplanned things DO happen during a ceremony! For example, in Santa Fe, the bells of St. Francis cathedral may go off during a ceremony! Or, at any outdoor location, we may receive the “blessing of the Harleys” when a group of motorcyclists cruises by!  It’s the officiant’s job to carry on either by recognizing and commenting on the event or simply pausing and continuing on.
If you’re interested in learning more about how an Awakened Wedding officiant can help to make your ceremony special, please visit my website, AwakenedWeddings.com or give me a call at 505-205-3520 to set up a no-strings-attached meeting. Yes, I do elopements in my office as well as larger, formal ceremonies…And I honor ALL couples.
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Dazzling Decor

It’s always astonishing to see how a large, plain room can be transformed into a magical environment with the right draping, lighting, and table design. Distracted by Decor created this luxurious reception area for the Albuquerque the Magazine Bridal Showcase. From the crystal chandeliers to the opulent, ruffled table cloths to the ostrich feather displays…it was truly a breath-taking sight. Kudos to Rob of Distracted by Decor  – a great artist! Distractedbydecor.com

If you’re looking for an elegant ceremony to match your opulent wedding vision, give me a call at 505-205-3520 to set up a no-strings-attached consultation. Or drop me a note at info@awakenedweddings.com to set up an appointment. Visit AwakenedWeddings.com and learn how a smooth ceremony is the best way to start your brilliant wedding day celebration.
Visit Linda on Google+

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Celebrating LGBT Weddings

On December 19, 2013, the New Mexico State Supreme removed all blocks to same sex marriages. And since that time, I’ve had the privilege in presiding over many same sex couple ceremonies. It is truly heart-warming to be part of a ceremony that honors these couples and recognizes their commitment to one another.
Couples often come from out of state to be married. I’m often astonished at the longevity of these relationships! 10 years, 12 years together…14 years together, 21 years together….27 years committed to each other; and finally they are recognized as a married couple.
As you might guess, it’s often an emotional moment! 

Yes, I believe in love, however it shows up!
Whether it’s an intimate ceremony in my office (yes, I can supply witnesses), a small ceremony with close friends in your home or in a local park, or a full-on celebration at a local hotel or resort, I’d be honored to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony for you.

You can learn more about my services by visiting AwakenedWeddings.com or just call me for a no-strings-attached consultation.
May love rule!
Joyfully, Linda M. (505) 205-3520
PS:  I’ll be performing ceremonies for 5 lucky couples as part of the Pride Guide Bridal Show on May 4, 2014. For more information:
Pride Guide New Mexico.

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Lovely Locations in Albuquerque

Yes, New Mexico offers up many gorgeous locations for your ceremony!  One of my favorites is historic Los Poblanos. Even in winter the grounds make you feel you have entered another timeless realm where romance is s alive. Many thanks to Elizabeth Waldron Yuhas for the photos…

that amazing first look! 

…a light-hearted moment during the vows,

… leaving the hacienda for the garden photo session.

More photos below!

Another wonderful location is the Casa Rondena Winery.
When the bride’s best friends are mostly guys, your bridal party might look like this! 8 guys plus one bridesmaid.
These photos from Kyle Zimmerman. Thanks, Kyle!
For relaxed and easy ceremonies tailored to you, give me a call 505-205-3520 or visit

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That Important Rehearsal (reboot)

(This is a reboot of a blog I did last summer.)
At a recent ceremony I officiated, the couple didn’t want a
rehearsal…and (without telling me) the bride gave the groom’s ring to her Maid
of Honor. When it came time for the exchange of rings, the Maid of Honor was
holding both her own bouquet and the bride’s and the ring. She juggled the two
bouquets a moment…and dropped the ring on the ground.  She leaned over and her strapless dress began to creep down.
She dropped a bouquet to hold up her dress and stumbled to her knees on her
high heels. She tried to grab the second bouquet and crushed the bride’s bouquet in the process. Both the other bridesmaid and I scrambled to help, but still the Maid of Honor was embarrassed and distraught. She finally got the ring, and with
some help from me and the bridesmaid, got to her feet and handed me the ring.

I was thinking… “if only we had a rehearsal”… In cases like this, the Maid of Honor simply hands her bouquet to the next bridesmaid and easily handles the ring and the bride’s bouquet.

At a rehearsal, we practice the processional and
recessional. We practice all the parts of the ceremony, from the father’s hug
to you and handshake to the groom, to the hand off of your bouquet to the Maid
of Honor, to the Sand Ceremony or other extra ceremony, and the ring exchange.

When you, your father, your soon-to-be-husband, your Maid of
Honor, and your Best Man all have practiced their parts and developed some
“Muscle Memory,” your ceremony will flow smoothly and gracefully.

In addition:

-       - The
photos taken during the ceremony will look organized, with all bridal
attendants focused on the bride and groom

-       Your
attendants will understand the time commitment they have made to you, from
pre-ceremony photos to post-ceremony photos. They understand they may not get to the reception
until an hour or more after the ceremony.

-       Your
Maid of Honor will know how to handle two bouquets, manage your train and veil
and looked poised at the same time.

-    YOU will feel confident and poised when you walk up the aisle that the ceremony will go smoothly.

Yes, you might save a few dollars if you skip it,
but it’s better to invest in your peace of mind with a rehearsal! That
way, you can truly experience the extraordinary joy of pledging your
love to each other, forever.
Learn more about how about how beautiful your ceremony can be at AwakenedWeddings.com or call me for a no-strings-attached consultation (505) 205-3520. Happy Wedding!

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Gorgeous Locations! Beautiful Brides!

The 2014 Wedding Season has begun! I’ll be at the Bridal Expo on Sunday, January 26 at the Isleta Resort and Casino. I’d love to meet you and learn more about your wedding ceremony vision! I’m on the first row on the left, on the wall near the front, Booth # (Lucky) 7.
I officiated destination wedding in September at the lovely Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe. With the trees and landscaping, it’s hard to believe this is in downtown Santa Fe! Thank you to Borrowed and Blue, a website devoted to destination weddings and to Jasmine Nicole for the great photos! This couple used an unusual container for their sand ceremony that beautifully showcases their wedding colors – purple (just because) and an orange adobe color. It also included a photo and a poem as well as the sand. And what a kiss!

Another beautiful fall wedding took place at Sandia Resort and Casino. Thank you to Maura of Bryan’s Photography for these dramatic and magical shots that made the most of the misty day and the beautiful Sandia grounds.
Whether your wedding is big or intimate, lavish or DIY, having an experienced officiant perform your ceremony is the best way to begin your wedding day celebration. A smooth and meaningful ceremony sets the tone for a relaxed and memorable day.
Our officiants arrive early to make sure the ceremony area is prepared; and they go over the processional and ceremony details with your father or escort, your husband-to-be, and your bridal attendants. All you need to do is look gorgeous! Give me a call 505-205-3520 or visit: www.awakenedweddings.com for more information. Call soon! The 2014 schedule is filling up quickly. May your wedding be all you dream it will be!

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